Hoop Earrings Entertainment connects talent from all over the world to get projects on streaming platforms, TV and the big screen.

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Digital distribution

With our network of distribution partners, we pitch to giants like Netflix, Amazon and  networks. We work with creatives to from concept to the screen.

Video and film production

Our team of award-winning professionals will deliver a project within budget and on schedule at the highest production value.

Marketing and PR

We're connected! We have thousands of media contacts in the U.S., from big publications to avid bloggers. Once your project is ready for the world, we'll make sure the world knows about it!

Industry workshops

We lead workshops on pathways to over 100 careers in the entertainment industry. We provide practical instructions on how to prepare and sustain a career in the entertainment industry.   

We are award-winning filmmakers, television producers, writers, content creators, talent, managers, and industry experts.

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Featured projects

Everlasting August


Everlasting August is a documentary about mental illness, policy, and the homeless epidemic of today. Through the lens of dynamic businesswoman Jessica Joy Reveles’ own victories, we see what is possible on an individual level. Jessica is a rare success story of homelessness caused by mental illness. Brutally honest and open, the Everlasting August documentary is a microcosm of the homeless epidemic macrocosm that the United States is currently facing.

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A Sacred Journey


When one brother is diagnosed with a shattering illness, another brother is forced to face his demons as the family struggles to pick up the pieces and stay together in this powerful portrait of love and what it means to truly care for each other.

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Be Good


In the Be Good. docuseries, we follow the daunting challenges and exhilarating successes of ordinary people "goodtrepreneurs" making a big impact in the world, all tied by the desire to be good.

Baby in the Basement


Baby in the Basement is a short written by award-winning screenwriter and playwright David-Matthew Barnes and Co-Produced by Frankie Hernandez. The film is a dramatic story about two teen runaways whose friendship sadly turns into a mutual suicide pact. Baby in the Basement has been officially selected 31 times and has won nine awards from Venice Film Awards, Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, IndieX Film Fest, Madras Independent Film Festival, Top Shorts, LA Film Awards, Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival, Global Independent Film Awards and Kalakari Film Fest since June 2020.

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